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Additional Literature and Poetry

The Pond

If you have ever come upon a spring-fed pond in the deep woods nestled at the base of a mountain, you might know what I mean. It might be clearer if I wrote of a late spring day with no wind, which contributes to nature's hushed and muted Silence, yet abuzz with the quiet activity of myriad insects and perhaps a solitary bird in the forest canopy, his morning song-flourish finished, rustling a high branch in the huge ancient green maple. The surface of the water, smooth like glass, offers a profound impression that reverberates quietly through the soul. If, perchance, the odd fish, ascending from his cold fresh dark below to feed on a bug, breaks the surface of that threshold of his world only to return, he leaves his impress in the widening ripples softly absorbed by the water's profound slumber.

It is in this moment I think of the fish, and imagine him freed from his lawful post-feeding descent, and upon seizing his bug continues upward into the air, instantly sprouting wings, leaving his world behind to enter a new dimension of experience. And such a picture I apply to the many transformations possible for the human soul. If we are able to attain inwardly the profound calm of the pond, we might be able to witness feelings as they rise from the depths and watch as they transform for their flight into the light as light and color. Or perhaps we will see soft clouds appearing upon the horizon of the mind, some filled with colorful pictures and others filled with words, if only we achieve that inward stillness. And if truly blessed we might find the place of deepest reverence where we will feel the pure living water of Christ filling us, beginning with our feet.


Like the falcon aloft
fly with your thought streaking to its destination.
Ride the radiant flaming ethers
until far-flown over sand or sea your wing-ed creation finds its kin.
Spiraling down to earth to ground,
it builds through affinity an impulse within another soul,
and newly clothed in dark or light
or murky or clear waters, binds you both in liquid spirit.

Was your thought-deed the "last straw," a quiet revelation, or simply love?
What thought leaps now from your brow to a new journey a new home?
How do you swim the vast ocean of universal thought,
as shark or dolphin or true man?

The Pond and Thought by Mark Haberstroh

I Aleph

Open Source

Open ear to be seen
Always sound from sung sun
open throat of an ear
open ear of a throat
Never to cease -
never to hear -
anymore -
for it is always -
always -
even within the light -
there the sound goes permanently
in the descent of all warming sunbeams
Rising ahead with the thoughts and feelings
of human and all other creatures

Aware of I -
of myself -
of oneself,
who ever - where ever - you are.

I see
I scent
I hear - you
sunlight sound
even in the dark
shining through matter

O - open source

II Beith

On the sound of the Sun

At day bathed in light, it is sound around you
and I am preserved within, as if
the sound carries me.
Within night I live inside Sun,
who is resonating, resounding within me,
and who through Earth makes himself known.
His presence cannot be hidden,
not even in the night.
The sound carries itself forth,
and the light is produced from within.
Can I make the light, which I found in myself,
and whose sound is surrounding permanently,
a permanent source of awareness also to myself -
even during nighttime, when I give away my consciousness
to the permeating breathing of Sun,
for the growth of plants ---

I Aleph and II Beith by Gotthard Killian

"Much wisdom often goes with brevity of speech." ~ Sophocles

"Too great length and too great brevity of discourse leads to obscurity." ~ Pascal

"I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in me, and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing." ~ John 15:5

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