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Rick Distasi
"I began studying Anthroposophy immediately prior to my 33rd birthday. I had purchased a book that caught my interest in November of 1983. The book was Gilles Quispel's 'The Secret Book of Revelation.' It examines the history of apocalyptic and apocryphal writing such as John's Book of Revelation. Also, the book is replete with artistic renderings from the Book of Revelation. In the final chapters of the book were four different means of interpretation of the Book of Revelation; one was headed: 'The Esoteric and Psychological Approach.' Under this heading was a lengthy synopsis of the work of Rudolf Steiner pertaining to the Book of Revelation. When I read it, it resonated through my soul. I was instantly drawn to it. It was Thanksgiving week at that time and I wasted no time in going to the Cincinnati public library to get a copy of Steiner's works on the Book of Revelation. They did not have any lecture cycles of Steiner's but they did have his 'Occult Science, An Outline' and his 'Theosophy.' I read both to which I understood very little but that did not dissuade me. I recognized that this was material of importance. I continued reading and studying Steiner. Later, in November 1987 I became a member of the Anthroposophical Society and am now looking forward to working with the Brunnen von Christus group which is now starting in November 2006. The month of November seems pivotal for me.

Currently, I am working on a book regarding the relationship of the Christ to the Apostles."

Gotthard Killian
Gotthard Killian was born in Stuttgart and grew up in Dornach, Switzerland. He is now an active member of the Anthroposophical Society in Melbourne, Australia. He was trained as a cellist and a flautist and is a professional musician. He has also composed music. He is the author of the book, Die Monochordschule des Pythagoras und das Musikalisch-Organische (The Monochord School of Pythagoras and the Musical-Organic), published by Bluehill Publishing.

Mark Haberstroh
Mark is a painter, maker of pen and ink drawings, and occasional sculptor. He was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1952 and raised in Woodstock, New York. He attended The State University of New York at Stony Brook for two years before leaving to study painting in Europe. At age 20 he traveled to Dornach, Switzerland, where he studied painting under Beppe Assenza for three years at the Assenza School. During that time he worked for a Dornach sculptor to pay the bills.

Mark lives with his wife and two teenaged sons in Marin County, California. He has been a remodeling contractor for many years and taught sculpture at the Marin Waldorf school for two years. He keeps a painting/art studio in the San Geronimo Valley. Over the last two years he has also begun writing.

James Gillen
James Gillen crossed the threshold on November 10, 2013.
Visionary, inventor, world traveler, lover of the Liberal Arts with formative influences from U.S., Canada, Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific experience. 40+ years in professional technical pursuits with a parallel and sustaining interest in the development of the humanities with the gradual understanding of the full compass of the human being from the middle ages (Joachim of Floris) through renaissance (Pico Della Mirandola), and the year 1794. I owe my inner development to the light shown on the inter-relationships between evolution and soul processes through Koestler and Steiner.

Martha Keltz
Active in theater as a playwright and director from 1968 to 1987, and as a playwright and publisher from 1987 through 2006, these avocations (nevertheless "professional") were combined with a life of service working with health care professionals, and also in voluntary curative work in the dramatic and fine arts as well as voluntary service with the homeless. The work in health care was with anthroposophical physicians, in various hospital positions, as a research assistant for an orthopaedic surgeon for ten years, as a medical library associate, and lastly in a temporary position as a program assistant in the executive offices of the VA (Veteran's Administration) Hospital in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

"Much wisdom often goes with brevity of speech." ~ Sophocles

"Too great length and too great brevity of discourse leads to obscurity." ~ Pascal

"I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in me, and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing." ~ John 15:5

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