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New Activity of Rudolf Steiner, by Richard A. Distasi
To Melt Primordial Rock, A Poem, by Gotthard Killian
Carved Wood, by Mark Haberstroh
The Sick Bed, by Mark Haberstroh
Word, by James Gillen
Regarding the Name Brunnen von Christus, by Martha Keltz

Richard A. Distasi

(See Richard Distasi's internet site on the Links page.)

To Martha Keltz: A friend of mine forwarded to me an interview that you had participated in which had piqued my interest. For such a long time I had considered the thought of Steiner returning but only in the etheric realm. Many years ago (late 80's) I participated in a study group here in the Cincinnati, Ohio area and the topic of the return of RSteiner came up. One group member asked if any of us considered the possibility that Steiner would return in the etheric. That notion rung a bell in me. It made perfectly good sense. Lately, though I'm no longer part of the "Anthroposophy Tomorrow" group, I noticed that this topic had re-surfaced. I was going to rejoin the group and add my viewpoint about the return of Steiner in the etheric and that it is misguided to be looking for Steiner in any physical incarnation at this time. However I now see that you have become a voice in this very subject and that my opinion would have been simply a reiteration of your message.

Also, what struck me as significant was all that you said about Steiner and his association with the Maitreya Bodhisattva. I agree wholeheartedly on this matter. I think Albert Steffen had touched on this if I recall correctly. I think I read something from him years ago about this and it too made perfect sense. I don't know if Steiner is the M. Bodhisattva or if he is the individual that harbors the presence of the M. Bodhisattva as Lazarus harbored the presence of John the Baptist. As I understand it a Bodhisattva doesn't take a full physical incarnation until his incarnation as a Buddha, which in the case of the Maitreya Bodhisattva would not be until approximately 3500 AD.

Thirdly, I also agreed with your position pertaining to the Anthroposophical Society. Though I do believe that it remains to have a viable function in this world it is possible that it is no longer the vehicle of RSteiner. IMO it is a mistakened belief that Steiner will return to the lectern of the Goetheanum and continue where he left off. The Society is there to give Anthroposophy a base in which to function in this world for generations to come, but for those souls who are able to access the spiritual world and individualities such as RSteiner, CRosenkreutz, Buddha and the etheric Christ Himself, the new teachings are in the etheric/astral/devachanic realms. Here is where one will find Steiner.

The new mysteries and what they can bring to the world are to be found in these realms. This is not saying, however, that Anthroposophy is exhausted because most individuals could never exhaust Anthroposophy in one lifetime. However, there is a new school forming of those who are able to cross the threshold while present in their physical bodies and who are able to bring back wisdom that advances the world and humanity as a whole. This is the new activity of Rudolf Steiner.

A Poem by Gotthard Killian

To Melt Primordial Rock
Translated from German by Martha Keltz and Gotthard Killian

How well woven through the three-colored gender
Is the Being-ground of the unshakeable power of sleep,
Is the pressing and rending of melancholy, serenely seeking footing,
Is the eagle's far-sighted power and resolute beating of wings.

Does this changing in the course of happy days
Read the sun symbol swaying out of elemental
Force - so rises cognizance in the pensive one as he
Struggles with space, forms himself in stages of Being.

Thus doors open to the question of the All-Revealing
In the course of time, in creatively changing picture,
The incomplete center forms itself. - Humanity is the Way.
Who looks upon him sees one's self called forth to the goal
Of friends, gathered in whom he finds himself released.

Spirit's harmony grants melting of the primordial rock
Of self-will - which helped to shroud itself -
Self still glowing in the shelter of the shroud -
Through inner change first given over to embers of warmth,
Without resistance, flowing quietly, floating away. -

There is built the house of the fiery Word,
Shining in a rain of colors wherein are arriving the I's
Which drink of freedom, thirsty: - Who gave

That, wherein the fire enkindles itself,
And finally creates the sense-gate of the city of bones -
Sensually addictive stones, glittering from the sparkling

Warmth? We thank them joyfully,
Flocks of the elements, children of the Etheric,
Envoys of the enfolding blue. - Peace to the child!

Lovingly he dreams of play while still asleep, of the joy
Of play. He yet dreams in the day of happy peace,
Of change in fortune, of incomprehensible depths,

Of pleasure and need. Serene peace, wherein the greatest
Stirring of feelings of lightness and heaviness
Permit one another to find the human.

Gedicht von Gotthard Killian

Urgestein schmelzen

Wie gut durchwoben von dreierlei Farben Geschlecht
Ist der Daseinsgrund des unerschuetterlichen Schlafes Gewalt,
Ist das Draeuen und Stieben haltsuchender heiterer Schwermut
Und des Adlers gezielten Fluegelschlags weitsichtige Schaerfe.

Vermag dies Gewebe im Wandel gluecklicher Tage
Der Sonne schwingende Zeichen aus der Elemente
Gewalt zu deuten - so steigt Kunde dem Sinnenden wie er
Ringend den Raum sich bildet zu Stufen des Seins.

So oeffnen sich Tueren zu Fragen des Allgesichtes
Im Gang der Zeit, im schaffenden Bilderwandel
Die mangelnde Mitte sich bildet. - Der Mensch ist der Weg.
Wer ihn schaut, sieht sich ans Ziel herbei gerufen
Von Freunden, die er in sich versammelt, befreit.

Des Geistes Eintracht laesst schmelzen des Urgesteines
Eigenwille, der seit je half zu huellen -
Und selbst in des Schutzes Huelle noch ergluehte -
Im inneren Wandel erst sich den Waermegluten
Ergibt, ihnen nicht standhalt, selbst lautlos dahinfliesst.

Gebildet hat sich das Haus des feurigen Wortes
In der Farben Regen erglaenzt es, darin Iche erstehen,
Freiheit trinken sie, durstig: - Wer darf

Geben, wonach das Feuer sich entzuendet,
Das der Sinnestore Stadt der Gebeine
Sinnes-suechtiger Steine, glitzernd aus funkelnder

Waerme endlich erschaffen? Wir danken es freudig,
Den Scharen der Elemente, den Kindern des Aethers,
Abgesandten der blauen Gezelte. - Friede dem Kinde!

Liebend traeumt es vom Spiel noch im Schlafe, von Freude
Des Spiels. Es traeumt noch am Tage von heiterer Ruhe,
Vom Wechsel des Glueckes, von unbegreiflicher Tiefe,

Von Freude und Not. Heitere Ruhe, wo in groesster
Unrast der Gefuehle des Leichten und Schweren
Einander beduerfen, findet der Mensch.

Two Stories by Mark Haberstroh

Carved Wood

Where he was he did not know, but he was inside, not outside. He was part of and one with rather than separate from. The plastic form into which his Being was poured, like water in a cup, moved as if alive. It expanded and contracted and was not amorphous, and possessed direction, intent, and intelligence. It seemed as though that life-filled, mobile form was made of wood, a carved but living wood, and that it was shaped like a man. It was himself, yet not himself. He did not don the wooden man as one would a coat, but awakened to consciousness already within him.

Deep within the center that was his heart appeared an intense light, as if someone, in total darkness, had opened the door a crack, and the sun's light pierced through. He knew that the light shone from another world, another universe, in fact, foreign to his daily life. The light gathered enough force to illuminate his entire inner being. The sheer force of it drove his hands apart, one above and the other below, while his body and legs straightened and strengthened beneath him as if he knew he could, indeed, carry the world. While his eyes filled with knowledge and wisdom and love, the light finally drove his fingers on both hands apart, dividing them with two fingers on one side and three on the other. Those fingers gripped yet also held at bay. The light streamed forth from them, creating an unwavering balance and harmony between the two necessary evils.

He awakened knowing his dream was more than a dream, that it was an awakening within a dream, and therefore real. This he knew because he was familiar with such experiences in deep sleep, and had learned to distinguish between dream and not dream. As a long-time Anthroposophist he had never had what he considered to be a Christ experience, although he longed for this. He knew others, friends, who had had such an experience though not being affiliated with Anthroposophy. But he thought, as the years passed, that his experience was somehow closer to Christ than he had originally thought, and that his experience had to manifest through Art, as this was his chosen path. This gave him new hope to search, through Art, for all that his heart desired.

The Sick Bed

He had to be quarantined. "The liver sickness is infectious," she said, although no tests were done. She was like that, an "Old World" doctor, Russian, both gentle and strong and all business. And so he remained in bed for six or so weeks. A friend brought in the soup and bread and he just lay and think. The distance between his thought and will was vast. It took half an hour to rise and grasp the cup of water. Later in life, when he had described to another doctor that he had had this sickness three times the doctor said to him, "You should be dead."

During those bedridden days he would slip in and out of waking consciousness, feeling all the gradations of consciousness in between. Unable to focus and harness his will, he learned something of surrender and release, and, before too long, began to look into his inner darkness. He did this, not because he was interested in observing that inner world (as a healthy person might), but because he had no place else to go. And so it happened one day that he had a waking dream in that darkness and found himself suddenly confronted by a large, round, blood-red face looking directly into his eyes. It seemed only two or three inches from his face. At once he knew it was his ailing self and that a decisive moment in his life was at hand. He turned away and down into the darkness to flee from the vision and became aware of great distance below, as if he hovered over, but could not see, the edge of some great subterranean cliff. In this one moment several things happened. Far, far below a spark of light ignited in the darkness. Simultaneously he knew that he had to decide to fuel that spark or succumb to the blood-red apparition. It was up to him to awaken the quickening flame. The fuel needed was the conscious outpouring of his Will. Summoning strength from he knew not where, he seized and ignited the fire. At once the bloody apparition transformed into a blinding column of colored light, a scintillating brilliance that completely enveloped and changed his dark world. All this happened in a flash, as Time was suspended and Space ruled. And out of the column of light forms began to grow, like water overflowing from a fountain. Such colors he had never before seen, and they seemed to be singing. The column grew and changed, increased and decreased, as if it was growing and decaying all at once, but the multi-colored forms falling away were not dead, as they would be in our world where old petals fall from the flower. These forms seemed to be merely being released into the world to continue to multiply. He became aware that this light was a Being and seemed to be the Mother of all plants in the world. He felt that his life was connected to its life and knew he would be well. It was a new start, a second chance.

James Gillen


Do not imprison my spirit
freeze my heart
or trade only in my corpse

for I would sing harmony of stars
shape with planets
and build community of life

You Logos-revealers
- bear me!

Martha Keltz

Regarding the Name Brunnen von Christus

It was in the summer of 2005, during a period of intense "intuitive meetings" with RS - resulting in the book of the same title - that the thought/inspiration came, in two words: "June, 1913." These words had a mysterious connection with the inspiration "India," in response to the question about the karma from the past that had made the intuitive meetings possible. The words "June, 1913" were hence included in the book on page 15, although still cloaked in mystery as to their meaning. Some time later, in the winter of 2005/2006, preparations were underway for the dramatic trilogy Southwest Journey and three days were occupied in - at last - settling upon the name for the character of Joanna Matthews. Then it came time to decide upon a name for the character of Rudolf Steiner, and it seemed certain that this decision would take much longer. But the next morning there came at once the inspiration for this name: "My name is the German word for fountain." The word fountain was then looked-up in an online German-English dictionary and was discovered to be "Brunnen." The "von Christ" was then unhesitatingly added, and later "von Christus" was also used. Early in 2008 a lecture series was traced to June, 1913, "The Bhagavad Gita and the Epistles of Paul," and this lecture series is quoted in the book The Writing of the Heart, regarding maya. However it was only in July of 2008 that another lecture series given in May/June 1913 was discovered, titled: "The Occult Significance of the Bhagavad Gita." In Lecture 7, the quotes were discovered that are now on the Home page of this site, and on the home page or the book cover for The Writing of the Heart. In this quotation Rudolf Steiner bestows the grace and the blessing of the word fountain on all of those truly treading the path of Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition.

"Much wisdom often goes with brevity of speech." ~ Sophocles

"Too great length and too great brevity of discourse leads to obscurity." ~ Pascal

"I am the vine, you are the branches. He who abides in me, and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit, for apart from me you can do nothing." ~ John 15:5

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