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Spring, 2011

This update, with additional information, is offered approximately six years from the date of July, 2005. The original article, below, is otherwise the same; it has not been changed, and it is again affirmed: the Individuality who was known as Rudolf Steiner in his most recent past life appeared in my home, near midday of July 7, 2005, as a powerful Presence in every sense of the word, except that he was not physically visible. This would have been very difficult to have endured, it may have caused imbalances, had there not been extensive preparations in the past. The earlier events, extending from 1972 to 1979, and then from 1981 to 1988, made the appearance of RS in 2005 endurable. Anyone who supposes that contact with RS occurred only in 2005 and was then immediately "made public" has not read Intuitive Meetings, Books I and II, referenced below. The long preparations for the 2005 events, extending over a 33-year period of time, are carefully described in these two books.

In addition, four years of research and writing in completing five articles - that also include studies of the past lives of Rudolf Steiner - have brought some of the Maitreya mysteries to light. All five articles will be available online by April, 2011. The four now available can be reached from the "Brunnen Main Page" at --

The section titled "Maitreya" in the article Rudolf Steiner: Into the Future, is especially recommended for reading.

From the same article, further information for this page may be of interest in relation to the Rudolf Steiner lecture and quotations referenced from A Picture of Earth Evolution in the Future. I had been living in Roswell, New Mexico, for three years prior to the July, 2005 events. Anyone who might care to research the continuing yearly events and other activities in Roswell and compare them with Rudolf Steiner's call for awakened consciousness in such matters, may derive insights about the particular nature of, and the necessity for, the July, 2005 appearance. What I witnessed in Roswell, the parades, the activities at the UFO Museum; what was in the news about certain meetings of experts and their topics - many of these subjects found their way into one of the opening scenes of the drama The Occult Southwest, in the trilogy Southwest Journey.

January, 2009

The author of this article, Martha Keltz, has a unique and very deep relationship with the Being who was known as Rudolf Steiner, and has a sacred duty to tell you about it, to reveal as much about this relationship as is possible in accordance with her understanding. She has previously written a short autobiographical book about this relationship, Intuitive Meetings, Book I, and a dramatic trilogy, Southwest Journey. These are readily available (see the Links page); the book is inexpensive and can be obtained easily; the drama is fully available on line for reading or downloading. Intuitive Meetings, Book II, Intuition, Inspiration, Imagination, a January 2009 Studio Editions publication, is now available online. See Intuitive Meetings, Book II. The link leads to the Introduction page and it will be necessary to request the user name and password by email in order to read the book.

The Significance of "Naming"

Not long after the time that this work began, during the first week of July, 2005, the Spiritual Being who was Rudolf Steiner "asked" or communicated the need for consciousness of the fact that Rudolf Steiner was no longer his name, for this was the name from the last physical life, for the physical body in the past. It was then indicated that, in however small a measure, such as the use of the initials RS instead of the full name, this consciousness would be beneficial for the Spiritual Being. Thus the initials RS were used instead of the full name, Rudolf Steiner. Beginning in November, 2006, however, the name Brunnen von Christus proved to be most beneficial. Regarding the origin of this name, please see the book The Writing of the Heart, referenced below, which is fully available on line.

It is very important to note here that from another essential point of view the name and lifework of Rudolf Steiner are immortal.

Insofar as is understood, the entelechy of RS, referred to as Brunnen von Christus (BvC), has a special dispensation from God, from Christ, Who is now the Lord of Karma, to traverse, in full consciousness, many levels and spheres of the Spiritual World, including Earth and its sub-natural spheres, in order to accomplish his work. He crossed over into the Spiritual World at the end of his last life utterly shattered in body and soul, and after a lengthy period for rest and healing went through the normal after-death evolution of the expansion of consciousness. He reunited with the cosmos. He returned to involvement with humanity and earth life in the 1970's, and has steadily increased the degree of his involvement since then. The early 1980's marked a turning point, as did the opening years of the 21st century and the year 2005, signifying the century mark of significant work in his life as Rudolf Steiner. The Theory of Knowledge Implicit in Goethe's World Conception was published in 1886, and the Esoteric School was established in Berlin in 1905. He has been especially involved with North America, and with the author of this article to an unusual degree. Nevertheless the author is normal, in normal development, and has no special access to BvC. The unique relationship is gifted or initiated from above, from the Spiritual World, and nothing can be initiated by the author except through her limitations and imperfections. Whatever is revealed in this article, and in the autobiographical book and the drama, has gradually evolved from a cooperative work with BvC, freely undertaken by the author, and the far greater Light and Love, the "mastery," descends from above. 

Responding to Questions

Every human being has an Archetype in the Spiritual World, in the region that is described as Spiritland in Rudolf Steiner's book Theosophy. In the case of the Bodhisattva especially, the Archetype does not fully incarnate, but retains some rays or radiant aspects of its Being above, sending other rays or aspects fully down into earthly life. In the life of Rudolf Steiner, the Archetype sent down in connection with the Western series of incarnations such rays as were in keeping with that mission of RS. In addition, the author believes that RS has had Eastern lives, in India and Asia, especially prior to, or at the time of, the Greco-Roman cultural epoch (see the Past Lives page, Aristotle). How else could he have united Christianity with teachings of karma and reincarnation? The Eastern lives bear strongly on the work that is now being done in America. The only time the Bodhisattva fully incarnates, RS taught, is in the last life on Earth. That will assuredly be the case with the Bodhisattva who was known as Rudolf Steiner in his Twentieth Century incarnation.

Now the question has arisen, what about RS's karmic commitment to the Anthroposophical Society and World Movement: the solemn Initiate's commitment made at the Christmas Conference of 1923 in Dornach, Switzerland? Is there a return to life, a reincarnation, at the end of the 20th century, or early in the 21st century? Will there be new undertakings on behalf of the Movement and Society? Will leadership again be offered by RS?

Offered answers to the above three questions are in the negative. However, BvC is spiritually accessible to many, to individuals, for help and assistance, in etheric embodiment (as the author believes), "wiederverkoerpern." No insights or inspirations regarding institutions or organizations - or the Society - have ever been imparted by BvC, with the exception of an admonition for individuals or organizations to refrain from any act or deed that will harm the Society or Movement, or that will cause more harm than good.

Surely his spiritual nearness is strongly sensed by many Anthroposophists, and others within the broader Michael movement? Perhaps even by many who have only read one line of Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and its Attainment. (Likewise in response to a question: this book has its very own Angel who is able to follow the reader's thoughts. This Angel then communes with RS's Angel. Of course, the matter is also of great importance to the Angel of the reader. These facts partially answer the question as to how RS would be able to commit himself to a person - through all future lives - who has only read one line of Knowledge of the Higher Worlds.)

It is better for a triad of mature Anthroposophists or Michael students to seek BvC's help than for an individual alone to seek his help. The degree to which he can help or assist an individual is determined in the Spiritual World, determined by the nature of the individual's work, by his karma, by whether he has ever known RS, and by many other factors. The likelihood of the fourth being able to spiritually assist the striving three is far greater. This kind of help also asks of the three, or the individual, that they advance themselves spiritually, that they cross the Threshold consciously in order to meet BvC, halfway as it were. 

Lastly, BvC is not known by the author to be in pain and suffering due to the karma of the Anthroposophical Society or Movement. However, the relatively rapid return from cosmic to earthly involvement may be in the nature of renunciation or sacrifice. This type of renunciation is in the nature of the Bodhisattva. He has complete awareness of what has occurred and what continues to occur in the Society and Movement, but appears to the author to be sheathed in a heavenly Light and Love that are protective. This radiance comes both from within his own Being, and from without, as though upon him. Perhaps this is the meaning of dwelling in the "New Jerusalem," in the New Heaven on Earth during the Second Coming of Christ in the mid-Twentieth Century and beyond.

As a follow-up approximately two years after this article was first written and published, and in order to begin to gauge the impact that this work has had, please see the first book of the Brunnen von Christus Group The Writing of the Heart: On the Path of Imagination, Inspiration and Intuition. This book freely shares the fruits and new spiritual insights and directions garnered from the group work, especially in processes of distinguishing what is true and what is false in spiritual content, processes RS refers to as "the thinking of the heart." The January 2009 publication of Intuitive Meetings, Book II is now available online. Additional Articles of the Brunnen von Christus Group include Atlantean Cataclysms and the Ages Following - which also includes the article on The Epic of Gilgamesh - and Celebrating the Year in the Day.

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