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Three of the articles listed below are studies of the past lives of Rudolf Steiner and Ita Wegman. Links to all articles and other resources can be found on the Brunnen von Christus Group main page.

The Atlantean Cataclysms and the Ages Following

The Great Epochs and Their Cultural Ages, The Atlantean Cataclysms, The Book of Enoch, How Old is Humanity?, Radiocarbon Dating. 21 References; Links and Internet Sites. One color illustration.

The Epic of Gilgamesh - He Who Saw the Deep

Cosmic and Earthly Origins, Language, Gods; Uanna, Ea, Sophia, Marduk-Micha-el, Enuma Elish. About the Epic, Spiritual Scientific Interpretations of the Epic, Humbaba the Giant, Gilgamesh and the Mysteries of the West, Bilgames and Akka, Other Transitional Times. 23 References. One color illustration.

From Cratylus to Aristotle

From the Sixth to the Fifth Century Before Christ

Heraclitus, Cratylus and the Essenes, The Greco-Persian Wars and the New Age of Aries, The Seven Sages, The Philosophy of Heraclitus, On the Meaning of Names, The Temple of Artemis. Cratylus, Pherecydes, Lao Tzu, Confucius and Gautama Buddha; Two Poems of Lao Tzu. Part Two, Aristotle - The Realist: Some Aspects of Aristotle's Biography, From Cratylus to Aristotle, Aristotle and Spiritual Science, Atlantis, Echoes of Three Streams. Human Evolution, A Conversation, The Categories; A Conversation Between Plato and Aristotle, The Samothracian Kabiri and The Categories, Into the Future. Eight Notes, 34 References. Two pen and ink illustrations.

Lives of Schionatulander and Saint Thomas Aquinas

Part One: Schionatulander and the Grail, Opening Quotations From Rudolf Steiner, Schionatulander in Legend and History, Saint Odile, The Coming Age of Pisces, The Grail Sagas and Their History: Spiritual Scientific Interpretations; King Arthur, Amfortas, The Grail, Schionatulander and Sigune, Wolfram's Titurel. Part Two, Friar Thomas: Thomas Aquinas and Spiritual Science, The Catholic Church, The Mystery of the Transubstantiation, From Jesus to Christ, The Holy Communion, Contra Faustum and the Manicheans, The Mission of Christian Rosenkreutz, The Death of Thomas, Dante's Paradiso. Nine Notes and 33 References. Two pen and ink illustrations.

Rudolf Steiner: Into the Future [PDF]

Opening Quotations From Rudolf Steiner; Out of the Past. Abraham, Moses, and Solomon; A Review: The Great Epochs and Their Cultural Ages; A Summary: The Polarities of Lucifer and Ahriman; East and West, The Fifth and Sixth Cultural Ages, Maitreya, The Duality of Good and Evil, The Seventh Cultural Age, From An Outline of Occult Science, The Seven Seals. Two Notes and 34 References. Two color illustrations.

The Return of the Moon
The Return of the Moon

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